IX. Graduate Programs

Family Relations and Applied Nutrition

The Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition offers MSc and PhD level graduate study in three fields: 1) applied human nutrition; 2) family relations and human development; and 3) couple and family therapy.

  • Applied Human Nutrition (MSc, PhD) This field incorporates both physiological and behavioural aspects of human nutrition and spans all age groups in its focus on the role of nutrition in human health and well-being. Faculty have specific interests in clinical and community nutrition, physical activity, nutrition assessment, education, health services research, inter-professional practice and epidemiology. This field of study provides a strong foundation in research and nutrition methodology through required courses and thesis work.

  • Family Relations and Human Development (MSc, PhD) This field of study emphasizes a balance between theory, empirical research and practice in graduate training. Students have many options for building an individualized program of study combining coursework and thesis research. Building on core theory and methodology courses, students choose from professional and applied courses as well as courses on specialized topics. The area of study has particular strengths in the following areas: child and adolescent development, parent-child and family relations, human sexuality, culture, adult development and gerontology, well-being, evidence-based practice, and social policy.

  • Couple and Family Therapy (MSc) This field focuses on theory, research, and practice, and is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. The curriculum is designed to produce sophisticated therapists and scholars by integrating contemporary theory, research competence, and systemic approaches to therapy in the understanding and treatment of couples, families, and individuals. This integrated course of study is coupled with high standards of professional and ethical conduct, attention to broader social issues that impact couples and families, and an emphasis on issues of diversity, power, and privilege.

An accredited Master of Applied Nutrition (MAN) professional degree program is also offered. Current and prospective graduate students are also directed to the department website . The inter-disciplinary faculty in the department have expertise in psychology, sociology, sexuality, adult development, education, social work, culture, family therapy, nutrition and physical activity. The overarching theme of the work in the department is enhancing lives through science and practice. The faculty share a common interest in expanding and applying knowledge about family relations and human development, especially in relation to the social, emotional, psychological, nutritional, and economic well-being of families across the life cycle. Graduate programs with an emphasis on nutrition and metabolism are available in the Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences; those with an emphasis on animal nutrition are available in the Department of Animal Biosciences.

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