IX. Graduate Programs

Public Health


Required Courses

PABI*6500 [0.50] Infectious Diseases and Public Health
POPM*6200 [0.50] Epidemiology I
POPM*6510 [0.50] Community Health Promotion
POPM*6520 [0.50] Introduction to Epidemiological and Statistical Methods
POPM*6530 [0.50] Health Communication
POPM*6540 [0.50] Concepts in Environmental Public Health
POPM*6550 [0.50] Public Health Policy and Systems
POPM*6560 [1.00] Public Health Practicum
POPM*6570 [0.50] Communication II
POPM*6580 [0.50] Public Health Leadership & Administration


Three electives (or 1.5 credits) are required. Choose at least two electives from the following list. The remaining course may also be selected from this list or from those listed elsewhere in the Graduate Calendar. Students taking Public Health Practicum II (1.0 credit) are required to take only one additional 0.5 credit elective course. The MPH program coordinator must approveall electives in advance.

EDRD*6100 [0.50] Disaster Planning and Management
EDRD*6690 [0.50] Program Evaluation
PABI*6550 [0.50] Epidemiology of Zoonoses
POPM*6210 [0.50] Epidemiology II
POPM*6350 [0.50] Safety of Foods of Animal Origins
POPM*6950 [0.50] Studies in Population Medicine
POPM*6590 [1.00] Public Health Practicum II
POPM*6600 [0.50] Applied Public Health Research
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