II. General Regulations

Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities, Guidelines and Procedures

1. Admissions

  1. In its admission and liaison activities, the University actively encourages applications from individuals with disabilities. After receiving their application from the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre, the University will provide upon request, admissions information in alternate forms (Braille, electronic, etc.) as required. Applicants who require accommodation during the admission process are strongly encouraged to identify their disability related needs directly to SAS.

  2. Applicants who believe that as a result of their disability their admission average does not reflect their academic ability are encouraged to identify their disability by completing the appropriate form available from the SAS website. Applications for admission are considered in light of the information and documentation provided with respect to the applicant’s disability and the impact on her/his academic record.

  3. Applicants are advised that decisions concerning specific forms of academic accommodation are made with consideration of the learning objectives of a specific course or program. Acceptance to the University does not guarantee the granting of any specific form of academic accommodation. If an applicant believes that his or her choices concerning a specific course or program may be affected by the specific forms of academic accommodation granted by the University, the applicant should contact SAS as early as possible in the application to a program or course selection process in order to discuss accommodation needs. Personal information provided to SAS is protected by the University policies on the release of student information and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), and is not shared outside SAS without the student’s consent.

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