II. General Regulations

Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities, Guidelines and Procedures

2. Registration with Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

Students with disabilities who have been admitted to the University and who require academic accommodation must normally register with SAS. This process includes completing a New Student Intake Form (NSIF) and meeting with an Advisor.

  1. The following dates generally apply in order to ensure that it is possible to provide accommodations in a timely fashion:

    1. Students who have been newly admitted and are starting in September are asked to submit the NSIF by June 15.

    2. Transfer students who are admitted after June 15 or who are starting at another point in the year are asked to submit the NSIF immediately upon accepting an offer of admission.

    3. Students who have a newly identified disability are asked to submit the NSIF as soon as they are aware that a need for accommodation exists.

    4. Individuals who have registered with SAS in a previous semester are asked to reactivate their status within the first 2 weeks of classes for each semester they are enrolled by following instructions on the SAS website or sent to their UofG email account.

  2. Efforts will be taken to support students who delay registration with SAS, however, some options may not be available on short notice and may be deferred to a subsequent semester.

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