II. General Regulations

Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities, Guidelines and Procedures

6. Provision of Academic Accommodation - SAS

  1. SAS Advisors will:

    1. Confirm whether a duty to provide an academic accommodation exists under established legislation and University policy,

    2. Help to identify appropriate options for academic accommodations,

    3. Provide supportive documentation required in order to access resources,

    4. Put into place accommodations that are administered by SAS (see 4.1 of the Policy),

    5. Help to educate members of the University community about disability related matters that have an impact on equitable participation in academic life, and

    6. Assist in the coordination of logistics relating to academic accommodations.

  2. SAS will support students in negotiating with the Course Instructor when an academic accommodation is needed for disability-related reasons other than those noted in 4.1 of the Policy. Students may be asked to participate in this process, particularly with regards to negotiating alternate dates.

  3. Where examinations are written in the SAS Exam Centre, SAS is responsible for working with the department/school to:

    1. Provide clarity about which students will be writing in the SAS Exam Centre at least three working days prior to the scheduled date of the examination;

    2. Arrange for copies of the examination to be available in the SAS Exam Centre on the day before it is to be administered to the student, and returned to the department/school on the first working day following the examination.

    3. Ensure all examinations written in the SAS Exam Centre are administered at the same time as the rest of the class, except when alternate timing has been approved by the Course Instructor. Examples of when this may be necessary include but are not limited to:

      • When granting additional time causes the scheduling of two examinations to come into conflict,

      • A disability that precludes the student from being able to write more than one exam per day,

      • A disability where medication effects limit the student’s ability to function at particular times of day, and

      • Examinations that are scheduled outside of regularly scheduled class times and when the Library is closed.

  4. SAS will administer a process for consideration of late exam requests when a student has missed the deadline for booking an examination in the SAS Exam Centre. When it is not possible to grant a late request, SAS will review other options with the student.

  5. Upon request, SAS will provide verification of a disability without disclosure of sensitive personal health information for the purposes of financial aid, including bursaries, scholarships, grants and student loans, as well as for academic review. Such verification is contingent on the student having provided sufficient documentation from an appropriate health professional.

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