II. General Regulations

Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities, Guidelines and Procedures

7. Provision of Academic Accommodation - Students

  1. Requests for academic accommodation not administered by SAS under section 4.1 of the Policy must be considered and negotiated on a case by case basis. Examples include:

    • Flexibility with assignment deadlines

    • Use of technology to improve accessibility of the classroom, including but not limited to recording, webcasting, and FM Transmitters

    • Use of memory aids or a calculator during examinations

    • Alternate method of evaluation on exams

    • Alternate scheduling of examinations

  2. For these types of requests, SAS shall provide the Course Instructor with formal written notification of the need for academic accommodation as supported by the student’s documented assessment (“Notification”).

  3. Students requesting accommodations for in-course academic deadlines (i.e. extension of an assignment) must work with SAS to request this of the Course Instructor at least 7 days prior to the deadline.

  4. Students with disabilities who are unable to come to campus on a consistent basis should be aware that:

    1. When a prolonged absence can be anticipated, accommodations must be negotiated in advance through SAS, typically prior to the start of the semester.

    2. Attending class and group work are sometimes essential requirements of a course or program.

  5. When the use of a memory aid has been approved under 4.2 of the policy, the student must create the memory aid in a manner that is consistent with the guidelines published by SAS, and must submit it for approval at least three business days before the exam in which it is to be used.

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