II. General Regulations

Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities, Guidelines and Procedures

8. Provision of Academic Accommodation - Course Instructors

  1. Course Instructors are encouraged to contact SAS to discuss any requested accommodation that comes directly from the student and is not consistent with the Notification, or if there are questions related to the impact of the accommodation on the academic integrity of the course.

  2. If consensus on academic accommodation cannot be reached between the student, the Course Instructor and SAS, then the Course Instructor shall consult with the Graduate Program Coordinator.

  3. If, after the consultation described in 8(b) above, consensus still cannot be reached on the type(s) of academic accommodation to be provided, a report will be issued within 5 working days as follows:

    1. For graduate students, the Graduate Program Coordinator shall provide a report to both the Assistant Vice-President (Graduate Studies) and the College Dean (or designate) who has oversight responsibility for the graduate program.

    2. The report will include the original notification from SAS, information on the academic integrity of the course or program if applicable, and the type(s) of academic accommodation proposed.

    3. Within 5 working days of the receipt of this report, the Dean and when applicable the Assistant Vice President (Graduate Studies or designate) shall make a decision on the type(s) of academic accommodation to be provided and advise the parties in writing.

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