IX. Graduate Programs


PhD Program

Admission Requirements

Applicants for the PhD program should have a recognized master's degree in an appropriate field, with a 77% (B+) average in their postgraduate studies. Applicants should briefly indicate their area of research interest and preferred advisor(s). It is often beneficial for applicants to talk with potential advisors before submitting an application.

Direct admission to the PhD program may be permitted for applicants holding a bachelor's degree with high academic standing. Students enrolled in the master's degree program who achieve a superior academic record and show a particular aptitude for research may be permitted to transfer to the PhD program. The application to transfer should be made to the chair of the biophysics program between the end of the second semester and the end of the fourth semester of work towards the master's degree.

Degree Requirements

Students in the PhD program will be under the guidance of an interdepartmental advisory committee. For students who completed the MSc degree in a program other than Biophysics at the University of Guelph, a total of 1.0 graduate course credits are required, one of which is usually BIOP*6000. For students who transfer directly into the PhD program from the MSc program in Biophysics, or who complete the MSc program in Biophysics at the University of Guelph, no additional course credits are required. In the case of students who enter the PhD program from the BSc degree, 1.5 graduate course credits are required, one of which is BIOP*6000. In addition, all students are required to complete the non-credit seminar course, BIOP*6010. The advisory committee may require additional courses for any student. An average of 70% (B-) or better must be obtained in the prescribed courses. As early as feasible, but no later than the final semester of the minimum duration, a PhD student is required to complete a qualifying examination to assess her or his knowledge of the subject. This examination should normally be taken within the first five semesters of registration as a PhD student. When the qualifying examination and the course work are satisfactorily completed, the submission and successful defense of an acceptable thesis on an approved topic completes the requirements for the PhD in Biophysics.

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