IX. Graduate Programs


PhD Program

The fields of research in which theses can be written normally fall within: 1) analytical; 2) inorganic; 3) nanoscience; 4) organic; 5) theoretical (also chemical physics); 6) polymer chemistry; (delete and) 7) biological chemistry or biochemistry; and 8) physical chemistry.

An applicant is eligible for admission to the PhD program at the discretion of the director. In general, an applicant must possess the qualifications listed for the MSc program, together with a master of science degree comparable to those awarded by North American universities and suitable references from the institution at which the MSc degree was awarded. However, direct admission to the PhD program is available to applicants with an overall A standing in an Honours BSc degree.

Applicants whose first language is not English are required to submit evidence of proficiency in the English language or pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Degree Requirements

PhD Program

Students in the PhD program must successfully complete three semester-long courses beyond those required for the master of science degree. One of these courses will be PhD Seminar, CHEM*7950. Students must also pass an oral qualifying examination in their major field, and submit and defend an acceptable thesis.

Students admitted directly to the PhD program from a BSc must successfully complete one semester-long course beyond those required for the master of science degree. In addition, students must also complete CHEM*7950 (PhD Seminar), pass an oral qualifying examination in their major field, and submit and defend an acceptable thesis.

PhD Co-operative Option

Students registered in the PhD program may proceed to that degree under the co-operative option. Under this option one of the two required one-term courses, in addition to CHEM*7950 and qualifying, must be completed within the first two academic semesters of study in the centre. COOP*1100 -Introduction to Co-operative Education, a mandatory, non-credit course, is a prerequisite for the first work term and prepares the student for the employment process. This course must be completed the semester prior to the competitive co-op job search semester.

After successful completion of the academic semesters of course work, the co-operative education requirements are to successfully complete three consecutive 4-month co-op work terms in an approved laboratory. The student’s performance in the workplace is supervised and evaluated by the student’s employer using the Work Performance Evaluation tool. The student’s progress during the work term is also monitored by Co-operative Education & Career Services, including an official site visit during the co-op work term and a review of the student’s official Learning Goals. A Co-op Work Term Report is required for each work term and is graded by an assigned Co-op Faculty Advisor. All evaluation grades will appear on the student’s official transcript.

An altered co-op fee payment schedule will be proposed during the admission offer stage.

Following successful completion of the work year, the student will return to the centre to continue work on a PhD research project and complete the regular PhD requirements.

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