IX. Graduate Programs

Computational Sciences

PhD Program

The objective of the PhD program is to produce interdisciplinary scholars who are capable of tackling emerging problems in a variety of disciplines through investigation and application of current computer technologies. Students require two co-advisors: one from the School of Computer Science; and the second from another discipline (see Graduate Faculty).

Admission Requirements

In addition to the Office of Graduate Studies admission requirements, applicants must submit: (i) a current CV including research publications; and (ii) a statement of research (maximum of 1500 words). The minimum academic requirement for admission to the PhD program is normally a recognized Master's degree that included a thesis or major independent project. We do not require students entering the program to have a credential in Computer Science. Such students are required to identify their experience using computerized techniques and demonstrate that they have the necessary background to complete the tasks outlined in a research proposal.

In exceptional circumstances, a student who has completed an honours undergraduate Computer Science degree (or an equivalent 4-year undergraduate degree) may apply for direct admission to the PhD program. The successful applicant must have an outstanding academic record, breadth of knowledge in Computer Science, demonstrated research accomplishments, and strong letters of recommendation.

Prospective students should check the School of Computer Science (SoCs) website http://www.socs.uoguelph.ca/ for further details. procedures and deadlines.

Degree Requirements

The PhD program requires completion of CIS*6890: Technical and Communication Research Methodology, coupled with any additional courses and/or Computational Learning Modules assigned by the Advisory Committee on entry to the program. To achieve candidacy, students are expected to present a research proposal in a two-part seminar and successfully complete the Qualifying Examination (QE). Finally, students must present and defend a thesis.

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