IX. Graduate Programs

Marketing and Consumer Studies

Graduate Diploma in Market Research

The Graduate Diploma in Market Research serves the needs of students who want to extend their knowledge of market research beyond the level they obtained while taking their undergraduate degree, but do not want to undertake a thesis-based degree.

Admission Requirements

Students who wish to enter the Graduate Diploma in Market Research program will apply to the Department’s Graduate Admissions Committee through the normal University application process.

Candidates will be graduates of a four-year honours degree program (or equivalent) who maintained at least a B average in the final two years of their undergraduate program. They will have an academic background in consumer studies, the social sciences or humanities, or professional or business programs such as marketing, finance, or real estate, and they will submit a discussion paper indicating why they are interested in the Market Research field.

The Graduate Program Coordinator will also act as the primary advisor for Diploma students.

Degree Requirements

Students are required to take courses in the Fall and Winter semesters. Students will complete a minimum of 6 half credits (3.0 full credits) in total, and enrolment in the marketing and consumer studies department seminar (MCS*6950) each semester. The program consists of:

Fall Semester:
MCS*6000 [0.50] Consumption Behaviour Theory I
MCS*6050 [0.50] Research Methods in Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS*6100 [0.50] Marketing Theory
MCS*6950 [0.00] Marketing & Consumer Studies Seminar
Winter Semester:
MCS*6060 [0.50] Multivariate Research Methods
MCS*6080 [0.50] Qualitative Research Methods
MCS*6950 [0.00] Marketing & Consumer Studies Seminar

* one of the following restricted electives

MCS*6010 [0.50] Consumption Behaviour Theory II
MCS*6120 [0.50] Marketing Management
MCS*6200 [0.50] Marketing Analytics
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