IX. Graduate Programs

Food Safety and Quality Assurance

Graduate Diploma

Admission Requirements

The program is most suitable for those with an undergraduate science background or for those currently employed in the food area in government regulatory work or in the processing industry who desire upgrading of skills and knowledge. Applicants for admission to this program must meet the university minimum admission requirement of a baccalaureate in an honours program (or the equivalent) or a DVM from a recognized university or college with an average standing of at least a 'B-'average. Applicants will be expected to have completed undergraduate courses that prepare them for participation in the core graduate courses and electives of the program. Undergraduate upgrading may be necessary to ensure sufficient background in topics such as microbiology, toxicology, statistics, and analytical methods.

Diploma Requirements

All students must complete the following five courses:

FSQA*6100 [0.50] Food Law and Policy
FSQA*6150 [0.50] Food Quality Assurance Management
FSQA*6200 [0.50] Food Safety Systems Management
FSQA*6600 [0.50] Principles of Food Safety and Quality Assurance
POPM*6350 [0.50] Safety of Foods of Animal Origins
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