IX. Graduate Programs


MA Program

The Master of Arts in Management focuses on the challenges that face leaders in the public, private and, not-for-profit sectors while emphasizing the important of evidence- based decision-making. Successful completion of the MA degree involves a comprehensive program of theoretical study, backed by significant practical experience and analysis. Graduate students will also undertake a formal self-assessment process to gain insight into their own strengths and weaknesses as well as into their ultimate leadership potential.

The MA in Management has two fields:

  1. Management Research, with emphasis on evidence-based decision-making, is designed to equip students with the necessary skills to support managerial decision, with evidence-based reasoning. Students will engage in both web-based distance and on campus courses. The completion of a major research project will also be undertaken during the course of the degree.

  2. Accounting, combines the conceptual and quantitative elements of accounting, while promoting the integration of theory and practice. It provides graduates with a systemic understanding of knowledge of financial accounting and managerial accounting. All the while, fulfilling the requirements of the professional accounting standards defined by CPA Canada Competency Map for the first four modules of the Professional Education Program. Students will develop the technical, analytical, evaluative, leadership and, communication skills needed for a successful career in accounting and the related management areas in the field/profession.

Admission Requirements

To be considered, applicants must have completed a four-year honours undergraduate degree with a minimum 2nd class (70%) (or its equivalent), from a recognized post- secondary institution. For the specialization in Accounting, subject area coverage should be equivalent to that required for entry into the CPA Professional Education Program.

For applicants who do not hold an honours degree with a major in or possess an undergraduate degree with a strong emphasis in either the accounting and/or management fields, additional prerequisites or academic upgrading may be required.

Any applicant who believes that their experiential learning may compensate for a lack of academic standing and subsequently, does not meet the programs minimum requirements, may contact the Graduate Program Coordinator to request alternative admissions criteria. Experiential learning would require at a general degree and 5 years in a research or equivalent position in the accounting or management field and/or professional industry. Further, for applicants who wish to request alternative admission criteria based on their experiential learning, they may be required to provide, a valid Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) score and/or a valid Graduate Record Examination (GRE) written test.

Degree Requirements

Students are required to take 8 courses (4.0 credits) plus the major research project (1.0 credit).

Core Courses:

MGMT*6100 [0.50] Evidence Based Management Research
MGMT*6200 [0.50] Leadership Assessment and Development


Management Research

MGMT*6300 [0.50] Business Consulting
MGMT*6400 [0.50] Project Management
BUS*6800 [0.50] Readings in Leadership I
BUS*6810 [0.50] Readings in Leadership II
BUS*6820 [0.50] Readings in Management
BUS*6840 [0.50] Foundational Theories of Management


ACCT*6100 [0.50] Integrated Cases I
ACCT*6200 [0.50] Integrated Cases II
ACCT*6300 [0.50] Taxation
ACCT*6400 [0.50] Performance Management
ACCT*6500 [0.50] Assurance
ACCT*6600 [0.50] Financial Management

Other courses from the Department of Management with permission from the Graduate Program Coordinator.

Restricted Electives

One quantitative research methods course (0.5 credits) with permission:

MGMT*6830 [0.50] Applied Univariate Statistical Analysis for Management
MGMT*6840 [0.50] Quantitative Research Methods: Multivariate Techniques
SOC*6130 [0.50] Quantitative Research Methods
PSYC*6060 [0.50] Research Design and Statistics

Or one qualitative research methods course (0.5 credits) with permision:

ANTH*6140 [0.50] Qualitative Research Methods
FRAN*6020 [0.50] Qualitative Methods
MGMT*6850 [0.50] Qualitative Research Methods
SOC*6140 [0.50] Qualitative Research Methods

Major Research Paper

MGMT*6500 [1.00] Major Research Project
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