IX. Graduate Programs

Rural Planning and Development

MPLAN Program

Rural Planning and Development provides the opportunity for graduate study, applied research and professional development in: 1) Canadian rural planning and development; or 2) International rural planning and development. The program leads to a Master of Planning (MPLAN) degree.

This 1 year program is geared towards more experienced graduates working for an agency or non-governmental organization abroad or in Canada; or for mature Canadian planners working in a municipal planning environment, for other levels of government, in professional consulting, non-governmental organizations or other contexts or for graduates of related professional programs. It is explicitly designed for individuals wishing to upgrade their professional training to the Masters level without necessarily withdrawing from the work force for an extended period of time.

This degree may also be completed at a distance. Please consult with the program’s Graduate Program Coordinator for more details.

Admission Requirements

The program is open to:

  1. Qualified graduates from relevant disciplines (minimum B- average) with 4-5 years of relevant experience. Relevant experience is determined by the admissions committee.

  2. Graduates from a professional program in Planning, Landscape Architecture, Architecture or Engineering (minimum B- average).

All applicants are required to demonstrate their specific interest in the program and their work and educational experience relating to rural planning and development.

Degree Requirements

  • Two (2.0) credits earned from the MSc (Planning) course list related to their research interest, chosen with the advice of their Advisory Committee.

  • Senior Planning and Development (listed as RPD*6290)

  • A 0.5 credit earned from an open elective.

  • Course selection will emphasize either the International field or the Canadian field.

  • The candidate will also complete a Major Research Paper.

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