X. Collaborative Specializations


MSc/MBS Collaborative Specialization

The MSc/MBS collaborative specialization in Neuroscience enables students engaged in neuroscience research to combine their departmental degree program with a multidisciplinary specialization in the field of neuroscience.

Admission Requirements

MSc/MBS students in the collaborative specialization in Neuroscience must meet the admission requirements of the participating department in which they are enrolled. The application process has two stages: first, application to the primary program of interest, identifying interest in the collaborative specialization as a secondary focus. If the student is admitted to the primary program, the second stage is then admission to the collaborative specialization.

Degree Requirements

In addition to coursework in their respective departments, students in the MSc/MBS collaborative specialization must complete NEUR*6000 as well as registering for NEUR*6100 each term that they are in the collaborative specialization. In NEUR*6100, students and faculty will meet once a month to discuss issues/ hear talks/ present research in neuroscience.

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