IX. Graduate Programs

Population Medicine

PhD Program

Admission Requirements

A PhD program is offered in the fields of epidemiology and Public Health. Admission into this program is usually granted to holders of an MSc or MPH degree who have demonstrated superior performance, or to master's students who have not completed their program but wish to transfer to the PhD program and have performed exceptionally well in courses, shown exceptional aptitude and skill in research, and whose research is suitable for expansion to the doctoral level. For transfer, a thesis proposal and strongly supportive letters of reference are required. Infrequently, well qualified DVM or honours degree holders may be accepted directly into the PhD program.

All applicants should submit a one-page statement of research interests and career goals to assist in the identification of a faculty advisor who has the funding necessary to support the thesis research. Students may be admitted into the Fall, Winter or Summer semesters.

Degree Requirements

The major emphasis in the PhD program is on the preparation of an acceptable thesis. There are no specific course requirements other than the Seminar, POPM*6100, which must be completed twice. However, PhD students who have taken the course or its equivalent previously as an MSc student will only be required to take the seminar course once. Students are also expected to have taken POPM*6200 Epidemiology I (F) and POPM*6210 Epidemiology II, or their equivalent, in their master's program. In addition, students in the Public Health field are expected to have taken POPM*6550 Public Health Policy and Systems or its equivalent. It is usual for students, in consultation with their advisory committee, to select a suitable program of prescribed studies and additional courses. Course selection takes into account the student's background, research area, career aspirations, and need to prepare for the qualifying examination.

Courses should normally be completed before the qualifying exam is attempted. The written component of the examination is followed by an oral component (two to four hours), usually one week later. Master's holders must complete the qualifying examination by the end of the fifth semester. Students transferring from their master's program and those who enter the program directly after their honours or DVM degrees (or their equivalents) must complete the examination by the end of the seventh semester. In addition, the advisory committee is required to confirm that the student has demonstrated ability and promise in research. The PhD program is completed by the successful defence of a thesis.

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