IX. Graduate Programs


The MA in Management program provides an awareness to theories of management, research methods, data analysis and other core management topics. It also requires a Major Research Project (MRP) completion with the guidance and supervision of a member of the graduate faculty.

The MA in Management offers opportunities for study in the fields of:

  • Management Research

  • Accounting

The objective of the PhD in Management is to prepare individuals who already have a strong background in a management area such as marketing, organizational behaviour, leadership, hospitality / tourism, quality management, economics, finance, or human resources to be academic scholars. This program prepares individuals with solid, formal foundations in theory and practice.

The PhD in Management is a thesis-based program that is offered through the Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics. The participating academic units are the Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies (MCS), the Department of Management (DoM) and the School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management (HFTM). The PhD in Management has three fields:

  • Marketing and Consumer Behaviour

  • Organizational Leadership

  • Services Management

which are offered jointly by the three academic units.

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