IX. Graduate Programs

Plant Agriculture

The MSc and PhD programs in the Department of Plant Agriculture offer specialization in four broad fields of the Plant Sciences: 1) plant breeding and genetics; 2) plant biochemistry and physiology; 3) crop production systems and 4) bioproducts.

  • Plant Breeding and Genetics has long been a key focus of our faculty and students. Through breeding and biotechnology, Guelph researchers help society by developing new field-crop, fruit, ornamental and vegetable cultivars that are grown in Canada and worldwide. Also, Plant Agriculture faculty and students seek both to understand the fundamental mechanisms that enable plant improvements and to discover novel methodologies and technologies that will be the foundation for future advances.

  • Plant Biochemistry and Physiology is a broad discipline. Faculty and students in this area study the response of plants to environmental change and plant development at the ecosystem, whole plant, and molecular levels. Students investigate ecologically friendly management strategies, study underlying molecular and biochemical mechanisms that regulate plant development, investigate how plant performance can be optimized in the field or closed environments, and contribute to cultivar development

  • Crop Production Systems research seeks to develop or test agricultural management strategies for yield improvement and economically and environmentally sound production practices in field and horticultural crops such as ornamentals and turf. Students assist producers and industry in the control of weeds, insects and plant diseases, and investigate new management protocols for production of high quality crops.

  • Bioproducts is a multi-disciplinary field and will deal with background sciences ranging from chemical engineering to plant science. Students deal with products and materials made from cellulose, oil, protein, starch and other compounds derived from various plant parts such as seeds, stalks/stovers, hulls and cobs of crop plants. Students will develop their expertise in analytical methods, factors affecting quality of plant-derived raw materials, engineering (including bioengineering of bioproducts) biomaterials and biocomposites.

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