X. Collaborative Specializations

Artificial Intelligence

MSc/MASc Collaborative Specialization

Admission Requirements

Masters students in the Collaborative Specialization in Artificial Intelligence must meet the admission requirements of the participating department in which they are enrolled. The application process has two stages. First, prospective students will apply to their primary program of interest, identifying interest in the collaborative specialization as a focus. If the student is admitted to the primary program as a thesis student, the second stage is then admission to the collaborative specialization. All applications to participate in the Collaborative Specialization in Artificial Intelligence will be vetted by the specialization’s Graduate Program Coordinator.

Program Requirements

Masters students in the collaborative specialization in artificial intelligence must complete:

UNIV*6080 [0.25] Computational Thinking for Artificial Intelligence
UNIV*6090 [0.50] Artificial Intelligence Applications and Society

One of the following Elective Core courses:

CIS*6020 [0.50] Artificial Intelligence
ENGG*6500 [0.50] Introduction to Machine Learning
STAT*6801 [0.50] Statistical Learning

Two of the following Complementary AI-related courses:

BINF*6970 [0.50] Statistical Bioinformatics
CIS*6050 [0.50] Neural Networks
CIS*6060 [0.50] Bioinformatics
CIS*6070 [0.50] Discrete Optimization
CIS*6080 [0.50] Genetic Algorithms
CIS*6100 [0.50] Parallel Processing Architectures
CIS*6120 [0.50] Uncertainty Reasoning in Knowledge Representation
CIS*6140 [0.50] Software Engineering
CIS*6160 [0.50] Multiagent Systems
CIS*6320 [0.50] Image Processing Algorithms and Applications
CIS*6420 [0.50] Soft Computing
ENGG*6100 [0.50] Machine Vision
ENGG*6140 [0.50] Optimization Techniques for Engineering
ENGG*6570 [0.50] Advanced Soft Computing
MATH*6020 [0.50] Scientific Computing
MATH*6021 [0.50] Optimization I
MATH*6051 [0.50] Mathematical Modelling
PHIL*6760 [0.50] Science and Ethics
STAT*6821 [0.50] Multivariate Analysis
STAT*6841 [0.50] Computational Statistical Inference
ENGG*4460 [0.50] Robotic Systems
STAT*4000 [0.50] Statistical Computing

And an acceptable AI-related thesis. Requirements of this collaborative specialization may also serve as core and/or elective requirements in the student’s home program.

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