IX. Graduate Programs


MSc Program

Admission Requirements

Students may be admitted to the MSc program in biophysics from a range of undergraduate programs, including physics, biology, biochemistry, microbiology, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, or computing science. To be considered for admission, applicants should meet the minimum requirements of a four-year honours degree with a 73% (B) average during the final two years of study. Applicants should briefly indicate their research interests and, if possible, their preferred advisors.

Program Requirements

Students in the MSc program will be under the guidance of an interdepartmental advisory committee. A total of 1.5 credits are required, one of which is usually BIOP*6000. In addition, all students are required to complete the seminar course BIOP*6010. The advisory committee may require additional courses. An average of 70% (B-) or better must be obtained in the prescribed courses. Further information may be obtained from the chair of the group. When the course work is satisfactorily completed, the submission and successful defence of an appropriate thesis on an approved topic completes the requirements for the MSc in Biophysics.

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