IX. Graduate Programs

Public Health

DVM/MPH Combined Degree Program

The DVM/MPH combined degree program enables completion of both degrees in five years rather than the six it would take to acquire them independently. This combination builds on the One Health focus in the DVM curriculum, introduces veterinary students to public health practice and associated opportunities earlier in their academic careers, and ultimately serves as a first step towards better integration of public health and veterinary training. Questions regarding this combined degree should be directed to the Graduate Program Coordinator (DVM/MPH).

Admissions Requirements

Prospective DVM/MPH students must meet the admission requirements of both individual programs. Applicants must have previously applied to and currently be registered in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program to be considered for the DVM/MPH.

DVM students may apply to the DVM/MPH combined degree program in their third or fourth year of the DVM program. Eligible applicants who began the DVM program prior to completing an honours BSc (in Biomedical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Public Health), BScN, or MD (or their equivalent), if admitted, will receive an offer conditional upon completion of the DVM. Candidates should have earned a B+ average in their honours BSc degree or at least a B- average in a professional degree (e.g., BScN, DVM, or MD). Additionally, applicants must complete the One Health module as part of Health Management III in Phase 3 of the DVM program. All applicants must submit a one-page statement of interest including career goals at the intersection of veterinary and public health.

Students will be admitted into the Fall semester. Additional information can be found on the OVC website.

Please note that since this is a non-thesis-based degree, applicants are not required to obtain an advisor prior to applying. One will be assigned once students have been admitted into the program.

Program Requirements

The MPH portion of the DVM/MPH combined degree program consists of 5.00 credits of work, typically completed over three consecutive semesters of full-time study. Only the required courses listed below are necessary for this combined degree. No elective courses are required.

Combined DVM/MPH students will complete the Public Health Capstone course during their first MPH semester where they will reflect and present on the how their DVM training aligns with and complements the field of public health, a One Health project the student was involved with, or on their experience during a public health-related externship.

Students will complete their practicum placement in their third semester. The Public Health Practicum will provide an opportunity to add function to the knowledge base achieved during the didactic portion of the program.


The student's program is established and progress kept under review by the Department of Population Medicine. The day-to-day responsibility will rest with the Graduate Program Coordinator, DVM/MPH combined degree program. There will be an Advisory Committee of at least two graduate faculty members, the chair of which will be the Graduate Program Coordinator, DVM/MPH combined degree program. The Advisory Committee must be established and the Advisory Committee Appointment form submitted to the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies not later than the 20th class day of the student’s second MPH semester.

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