2007-2008 University of Guelph-Humber Calendar

IV. Admission Information

Visiting Students & Letter of Permission

University graduates, permanent staff, or visiting students who wish to enrol in degree courses to upgrade their degree or to gain credit for admission to a graduate or other academic program should apply as a Visiting/Non-degree student using the Visiting Student Application available on-line at http://www.guelphhumber.ca/ – click on Prospective Students and then on Visiting Student Application.

Acceptance as a visiting student does not imply that space will be available in the course(s) in which the applicant wishes to register. Students should contact Registrarial Services - Admissions about space availability in their desired courses.

Students who register in the non-degree category and who subsequently want to change to a degree status will be required to meet admission requirements for that program, and credit granted for courses taken in the non-degree category will be subject to the regulations pertaining to that program. Students should see their Program Advisor for details.