V. Tuition and Fees


Residence Policy Re: Withdrawal and Refund

Refunds of the residence fees will only be possible under the following circumstances:

  1. Withdrawals: If a withdrawal is required because of co-op placement, internship, academic or medical reasons, an official http://residence.humber.ca/node/109 Residence Withdrawal Form must be submitted. The Resident must also provide one of the applicable pieces of documentation to the Residence Office: a copy of the letter from the school requesting withdrawal, a medical certificate, or a copy of the Humber or Guelph-Humber placement/internship letter (within three days of receiving the letter). The Resident will forfeit the $500 deposit and the refund, if approved, will be prorated to the date the room is vacated. A room is only considered vacated after the Resident hands in the key card and provides a copy of one of the above supporting pieces of documentation has been submitted.

  2. Voluntary Withdrawals:If a Resident chooses to withdraw from the residence for any other reason, the $500 deposit is forfeited. In addition, the Resident will also be responsible for the residence room fees unless Humber Residences is able to rent the room to a student who is not already residing at Humber Residence and who meets the admissions requirements. The Withdrawal will not be considered official until an http://residence.humber.ca/node/109 Official Withdrawal Form is completed (located on the residence website residence.humber.ca) The Withdrawal must be submitted thirty days in advance of the actual move out and the refund (if approved by the Residence Manager) will be prorated to the date that the room is re-occupied by a new Resident selected by the Residence office.

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