XIV. Administration and Faculty

Administrative Officers

Office of Registrarial Services

J. DeDominicis, Campus Registrar

Academic Advising and Registration

A. Annisi, Scheduling & Records Coordinator

A. Blinch, Communications Coordinator

M. Choudhry, Registrarial & Financial Aid Coordinator

N. Corpuz, Academic Advisor (Justice, Media)

L. Josephs, Registrarial Services Associate

A. Ksiazek, Academic Advisor, (Early Childhood, Family Studies, Psychology)

L. Manku, Academic Advisor (All Programs)

C. Nicholas, Academic Advisor (BAA Justice, Computing, Early Childhood Degree Completion, Kinesiology)

U. Rajpal, Financial Services Associate

J. Varamo, Academic Advisor (Business)

Student Recruitment and Admission Services

R. Mathur, Manager, Student Admissions

S. Scott, Admissions Coordinator

M. Pryemska, Admissions Associate

K. Zammit, Admissions Coordinator

M. Melo, Manager, Recruitment

M. Hunter, Prospect Coordinator

H. Lieu, Liaison Coordinator

B. Morrison, Liaison and Events Coordinator

University of Guelph
50 Stone Road East
Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1