IX. Degree Programs

Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc.) - Major Psychology - Diploma in General Arts and Science, Specialization in Intercultural Relations, Research Skills and Analysis, or Organizational Behaviour


In order to obtain recognition for a specialization students must take 1.50 credits from the listing in that specialization. Only one specialization may be declared.

Intercultural Relations [IR]

AHSS*1350 [0.50] Intercultural Understanding and Communication
AHSS*2350 [0.50] Immigration & Identity in Canada
AHSS*2360 [0.50] Judaism, Christianity & Islam

Research Skills and Analysis [RS]

PSYC*3120 [0.50] Quantification in Psychology II
PSYC*3190 [0.50] Case Studies and Qualitative Methods
PSYC*3230 [0.50] Research Communication and Proposal Writing

*Note: Students holding credit for PSYC*3120 while pursuing the thesis option must hold an additional 0.50 elective credit.

Organizational Behaviour [OB]

AHSS*2310 [0.50] Leadership and Motivation
PSYC*3200 [0.50] Psychology of Group Dynamics
PSYC*3610 [0.50] Organizational Psychology
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