V. Tuition and Fees


Meal Plan Policy Re: Withdrawal and Refund

Dining Plan Fees:

The Dining Plan fees must be paid by the due dates in order to guarantee that the Resident’s Dining Plan Card will be ready upon arrival. The full amount of the Dining Plan chosen is applied to the Resident’s card; it is not split by semester. The Dining Plan consists of two accounts: the Main Meal Account, which is tax exempt; and the Confectionary Account for taxable purchases. Confectionary purchases would include such items as individual purchases of soft drinks, candy, and chips.

Dinning Plan Balance Duration:

Residents should note that Dining Plan options are not guaranteed to last the entire Academic year or semester (if one semester option is selected). Dining Plans have been designed to accommodate students with varied appetites, who may not eat regular meals or leave the Residence frequently, while meeting the requirements of Canada Revenue Agency regulations in order to be tax exempt. Residents are responsible for budgeting and managing their accounts. Residents can go onto the website: http://mymealplan.humber.ca to find out their balance any time, or they can ask for their balance at the cash register. If a Resident runs short of funds on the Dining Plan card, additional values in $100.00 increments may be purchased. Residents can make the payment at the Campus Dining Office (located at the North Campus Room KB101) or to the Food Services Manager, at the Lake Café. Payments can be made by MasterCard, Visa, Interact or Certified Cheque.

Residence Cancellations and Refunds:

Requests for cancellations, refunds or carry forward balances are initiated when Residents complete an online Residence Withdrawal Form on the website: residence.humber.ca. During the Academic Year, should a Resident withdraw or should a Resident have their residency terminated by the Residences, or should the Resident be withdrawn from Humber or Guelph-Humber, any unused dining plan balances in the Main Meal Plan and Confectionary accounts will be refunded less a $50 administration fee. At the end of the Academic year any unused balances in the Main Meal Plan and Confectionary accounts will be refunded. Residents who quality for a Dining Plan refund can expect to receive a refund from the College, 3-6 weeks after receiving the withdrawal request form. If a Resident continues to live in Residence for the summer and wishes to continue using their Dining Plan accounts, they must notify the residence to ensure their accounts remain active after the first week in May.

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