VII. Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures


Changes to the Published Undergraduate Course Timetable

Additional Hours/Sections

If it becomes necessary to schedule additional sections by adding lectures/labs/seminars based on course selection numbers, the request is to be initiated by the Program Head and made to the Campus Registrar.

Cancellations and Time Changes

If course cancellation or class meeting time changes are required once the course timetable has been published on WebAdvisor (and on the University website), the Program Head is responsible for obtaining the approval of the Vice-Provost for making any such change. If the Vice-Provost agrees that a change is required, the Vice-Provost will instruct the Campus Registrar of the required change. After the commencement of Course Selection, the Program Head is responsible for ensuring that students are not disadvantaged by any changes. This involves choosing alternate times that are conflict free for all registered students, and communicating via email to all students, the details of any change affecting their schedules.

  • Time changes after the publication of the timetable, prior to the commencement of classes. Changes in scheduled meeting times are approved only in emergency circumstances following the procedure above.

  • Time changes after the commencement of classes. Changes in scheduled meeting times are normally not made until after the end of the Course Selection/Add period unless the change is to accommodate students who would otherwise be unable to register in the course. Time changes made after the commencement of classes must not create conflicts for any registered students and must have the unanimous written approval of all registered students, as determined by a secret ballot. New times must comply with University scheduling regulations. The program should keep a record of student approval on file, and a request for the time change and new room assignment should be submitted by the Program Head to the Campus Registrar. The instructor is responsible for ensuring that all registered students can attend during the new meeting time(s) and for informing the students of the new time(s) and room assignment(s).

Classroom Assignment Changes/Bookings

  • Classroom changes prior to the commencement of classes. The Campus Registrar may reassign classroom space based on course enrolments. The Campus Registrar will make notification of changes affecting classroom assignments to the Program Head and the instructor involved.

  • Classroom Changes and Bookings after the commencement of classes. Instructors requiring classroom changes after the commencement of classes should forward their request to the Campus Registrar and their Program Head via email. If classroom space assigned to a course is no longer required, instructors should also notify. If rooms are required only occasionally for classes, they should not be held for full semesters, rather one-time or temporary bookings should be made through the Scheduling and Records Coordinator in Student Services (GH108).

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