VII. Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures


Required to Withdraw

Students may be required to withdraw for reasons of academic performance or academic misconduct.

a. Academic Performance (please refer also to the section on Continuation of Study for detailed requirements)

Students who do not meet the continuation of study requirements for at least probationary status at the end of the semester will be required to withdraw and the two-semester rustication period will begin effective the subsequent semester.

Students who are granted a deferred privilege (examination or condition) will have their Continuation of Study Status assessed once the deferred privilege is complete. At that time an assessment of required to withdraw could have an impact on the student's current registration.

b. Academic Misconduct (refer also to the full Academic Misconduct Policy in this chapter)

One of the penalties that may be assessed against a student found guilty of academic misconduct is suspension from the University for a period of between two and six consecutive semesters. The effective date of such a suspension is determined by the Vice-Provost.

c. Appeals (refer also to the sections on Academic Consideration and Academic Misconduct for full details of appeals processes)

Students who do not satisfy the program requirements for continuation of study and are required to withdraw may appeal for probationary status to the Academic Review Sub-Committee, on medical, psychological, or compassionate grounds. Students are not permitted to attend classes until such time that the appeal is granted.

Students who are suspended from the university as a result of academic misconduct, may appeal to the Appeal Panel with respect to either the appropriateness of the penalty or the finding of guilt.

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