VII. Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures

Academic Consideration, Appeals and Petitions

Incomplete Course Work

Student’s Responsibilities

If due to medical, psychological or compassionate circumstances a student is unable to complete any portion of the semester’s work the student should:

  • Inform the faculty-in-charge of the course in writing and in person if possible.

  • If the faculty member requests it, the student must supply documentation.

  • If documentation is unavailable, the student should consult their Academic Advisor.

  • Complete and submit missed work by the new deadline established by the faculty member, before the last scheduled day of classes.

  • If the medical, psychological or compassionate circumstance is such that it could affect overall semester performance or the ability to meet the final class day deadline, the Academic Advisor should be consulted regarding an appropriate course of action.

  • If for any reason, a student is unable to complete a final examination or final assignment, the student should inform the faculty in charge of the course(s) AND should consult with their Academic Advisor about submitting an application for Academic Consideration.

Faculty’s Responsibilities

Faculty members should exercise discretion when requiring documentation, particularly when the assessment in question constitutes a small proportion of the course grade, or when alternative means for carrying out the assessment are available. During the semester (up until the last official day of class), the faculty in charge of a course(s) can make arrangements when appropriate with students to have missed course work, test(s) or assignment(s) completed beyond the regularly scheduled deadline AND/OR, faculty have the discretion to apply the weighting of a missed assignment or term test to the weighting of the final examination, if appropriate and if agreed by the faculty and the student. The faculty member cannot however grant extensions for semester work (tests or assignments) beyond the final date for submission of final grades. In the event that a student misses a final examination and/or final assignment, the faculty member should instruct the student to consult with their Academic Advisor about making an application for Academic Consideration.

Academic Advisor Responsibilities

During the semester, if the student and the faculty member cannot arrive at a mutually agreeable accommodation, the Academic Advisor may act as a mediator. In the event that medical, psychological or compassionate circumstances are affecting the student’s overall performance, the Academic Advisor will ensure that the student’s faculty are advised that academic consideration based on medical or compassionate grounds is warranted. Following the last official day of class, requests for Academic Consideration made by students (typically for missed final examinations or incomplete final assignment), will be channeled through the Academic Advisor to the Academic Review Sub-Committee.

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