IX. Degree Programs

Bachelor of Applied Arts in Media Studies (BAMS) - Diploma in Media Communications

Media outlets continue to grow and diversify at a tremendous rate across Canada, North America and throughout the world. Information is delivered and shared in ways today that would not have been imagined ten years ago. The public appetite for information fuels this growth, with hundreds of television and radio stations, unlimited internet availability and expanding (and specializing) magazine and newspaper options.

At the University of Guelph-Humber, the Media Studies program allows students to explore these and other emerging trends and to study the historical, social, cultural and ethical dimensions of the field through exposure to courses that challenge them to think, read and write critically. Other courses aim to teach students how to work in a team environment to achieve a goal related to their specialization, such as: producing a newspaper or television broadcast, or promoting and managing a large event, producing a body of photographic work or creating of multi-platform communication vehicles through digital technology.

Specializations are offered in Journalism, Public Relations, Image Arts (Photography), Digital Communication and Media Business. Students in all specializations are required to complete 20.00 credits in order to be eligible for graduation: 13.50 core media studies credits, 5.00 specialization credits and 1.50 elective credits. Students must complete these requirements in order to be eligible to graduate with both the university honours degree (awarded by the University of Guelph) and the college diploma (awarded by Humber). No option exists to graduate with only one of the above listed credentials as the program is fully integrated.

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