XIV. Administration and Faculty

Administrative Officers

Student Life, Career and Alumni Services

L. Murdock, Department Head, Student Services, B.A. (GUELPH), M.A. (R.ROADS)

Career & Placement Services

S. Thomas, Manager, Career & Placement Services, B.A (W.LAUR.)

I. Alam, Career Services Coordinator, SSW DIP. (SENECA), BA (HONS.) (TO.)

J. Kunkel Career & Placement Services Coordinator, CAREER AND WORK COUNSELLING DIP. (GEORGE BROWN), B.A. (HONS.) (YORK)

R. Mahadeo, Field Placement Coordinator, S.S.W. DIP. (SHERIDAN), B.S.W. (YORK), STUDENT AFFAIRS CERT. (SENECA). M.S.W. (YORK)

J. Mastroianni Career & Placement Services Coordinator, E.C.E.DIP. (HUMBER), B.A.SC. (HONS.) (GUELPH), R.E.C.E.

M. Patrizi, Career & Placement Services Coordinator, B.A. (RYERSON)

J. Rich, Field Placement Coordinator, MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS DIP. (HUMBER), B.A.A. (HONS.) (GUELPH)

A.Scully, Career Services Coordinator, B.A. (HONS.) (W.LAUR.)

Student Life & Alumni Services

L. Acri, Student Life Coordinator, BUSINESS ADMIN. DIP. (HUMBER), B.B.A. (HONS.) (GUELPH)

N. Curtis, Student Life, Career and Alumni Office Coordinator,

L. DeFleuriot, Alumni Advancement Coordinator, BUSINESS ADMIN. DIP. (HUMBER), B.B.A. (HONS.) (GUELPH)

B. Devlin, Student Life Coordinator, B.SC. (GUELPH), B. ED. (QU.)

University of Guelph
50 Stone Road East
Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1