VII. Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures

Academic Misconduct

The Informal Academic Appeal Process

A student who has concerns regarding an academic decision should first discuss the matter directly with the responsible faculty member or other decision-maker who shall provide the student with the reason(s) for the decision.

If resolution cannot be reached at the faculty/decision-maker level, the student should see the responsible Program Head to mediate the concern. If the Program Head mediation is unsuccessful, the student may resort to a Formal Appeal.

Throughout the informal appeal process, the student shall provide any and all documentation (e.g. medical reports) that may be relevant to the resolution of the concern. The Academic Advisor and the Campus Registrar, shall be advised, in writing (e.g. official grade re-assessment), of any changes relating to the student’s record that may occur as the result of an informal appeal process.

An informal appeal must be launched no later than ten (10) working days after the end of the term within which the course was offered, or, in the case of an academic misconduct decision, after the date at which the student is informed of the decision.

The informal appeal process is to be completed within ten (10) working days of its initiation by the student, and it is incumbent upon both parties to make every effort to meet that deadline. The results (and reasons why) of any and all levels of an academic appeal must be documented to the student and kept on file by the Campus Registrar.

If the student considers that the informal appeal process has not satisfactorily resolved the academic concern, the student may move to the formal appeal panel process.

Note: A student can request their Academic Advisor to work with him/her during the informal academic appeal process. The Academic Advisor can provide guidance and advice to the student, in an effort to mediate with the appropriate faculty member unit. and/or academic.

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