IX. Degree Programs

Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc.) - Major Psychology - Diploma in General Arts and Science, Specialization in Intercultural Relations, Research Skills and Analysis, or Organizational Behaviour


In order to obtain recognition for a specialization, students must take 2.50 credits in the specialization. 1.00 of these are part of the Psychology core and 1.50 additional credits are required from the listing in that specialization. Only one specialization may be declared.

Intercultural Relations [IR]

This specialization focuses on increasing knowledge and skill in the area of intercultural relations and communication. Students with interests in community psychology, clinical psychology, international and cross-cultural psychology, as well as many other fields in which it is preferable to enhance cultural competence, will benefit from this specialization.

AHSS*1350 [0.50] Intercultural Understanding and Communication
AHSS*2350 [0.50] Immigration & Identity in Canada
AHSS*2360 [0.50] Judaism, Christianity & Islam

Research Skills and Analysis [RS]

This specialization focuses on increasing knowledge and skill in the areas of both quantitative and qualitative research methods and practice in psychology. Those looking toward conducting future research at the graduate or postgraduate levels, as well as those considering careers involving methodical investigation and analysis will benefit from this specialization.

PSYC*3120 [0.50] Quantification in Psychology II
PSYC*3190 [0.50] Case Studies and Qualitative Methods
PSYC*3230 [0.50] Research Communication and Proposal Writing

*Note: Students holding credit for PSYC*3120 while pursuing the thesis option must hold an additional 0.50 elective credit.

Organizational Behaviour [OB]

This specialization focuses on increasing knowledge and skill related to working within groups and organizations. Those interested in the relationship between psychology and industry, organizations, or corporations, as well as those interested in pursuing graduate education in Industrial/Organizational Psychology will benefit from this specialization.

AHSS*2310 [0.50] Leadership and Motivation
PSYC*3200 [0.50] Psychology of Group Dynamics
PSYC*3610 [0.50] Organizational Psychology
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