IX. Degree Programs

Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc.) - Major Psychology - Diploma in General Arts and Science, Specialization in Intercultural Relations, Research Skills and Analysis, or Organizational Behaviour

Schedule of Studies

Students may choose between three optional specializations and may also be eligible to complete an optional thesis.

IR = Intercultural Relations

RS = Research Skills and Analysis

OB = Organizational Behaviour

Semester 1

AHSS*1110 [0.50] Introductory Psychology: Dynamics
AHSS*1130 [0.50] Principles of Sociology
AHSS*1210 [0.50] English I: Reading and Writing Effectively
AHSS*1250 [0.50] Critical Thinking
SCMA*1290 [0.50] The Wonders of Science

Semester 2

AHSS*1120 [0.50] Introductory Psychology: Principles
AHSS*1260 [0.50] Modern and Contemporary Philosophy
AHSS*1330 [0.50] Principles of Anthropology
PSYC*1130 [0.50] Developmental Psychology
0.50 electives

Semester 3

PSYC*2030 [0.50] Research Methods in Psychology
PSYC*2130 [0.50] Social Psychology
PSYC*2190 [0.50] Adult Development & Aging
PSYC*2210 [0.50] Psychology of Learning
0.50 electives

Semester 4

PSYC*2120 [0.50] Quantification in Psychology I
PSYC*2150 [0.50] Personality
PSYC*2160 [0.50] Neuroscience
PSYC*2200 [0.50] Cognitive Psychology
0.50 electives

Semester 5

PSYC*3130 [0.50] Psychological Measurement
PSYC*3140 [0.50] Abnormal Psychology
PSYC*3540 [0.50] Ethics in Psychology
One of:
AHSS*2310 [0.50] Leadership and Motivation OB
AHSS*2360 [0.50] Judaism, Christianity & Islam IR
PSYC*3120 [0.50] Quantification in Psychology II RS *
0.50 electives

Graduate Studies Advisory Note: Students planning to enter a graduate program in Psychology are advised to complete PSYC*3120 in Semester 5 prior to enrolling in PSYC*4210.

NOTE: Students in the OB or IR specialization who also want to complete the thesis PSYC*4210 , must select PSYC*3120 as their 0.50 elective in Semester 5.

Semester 6

PSYC*3150 [0.50] Drugs and Behaviour
PSYC*3160 [0.50] Learning Difficulties and Disabilities
PSYC*3170 [0.50] Persuasion and Facilitation
PSYC*3180 [0.50] Applied Study in Psychology: Community Mental Health
One of:
AHSS*1350 [0.50] Intercultural Understanding and Communication IR
PSYC*3190 [0.50] Case Studies and Qualitative Methods RS
PSYC*3200 [0.50] Psychology of Group Dynamics OB

Semester 7

PSYC*4110 [0.50] History of Psychology
PSYC*4120 [0.50] Culture and Diversity IR
PSYC*4130 [0.50] Applications of Psychology
PSYC*4170 [0.50] Theories of Psychotherapy I
One of:
PSYC*4210 [0.50] Thesis I
0.50 electives

Semester 8

PSYC*4160 [0.50] Mediation and Conflict Resolution
PSYC*4180 [0.50] Theories of Psychotherapy II
One of:
PSYC*4200 [1.00] Honours Seminar in Psychology
PSYC*4220 [1.00] Thesis II
One of:
AHSS*2350 [0.50] Immigration & Identity in Canada IR
PSYC*3230 [0.50] Research Communication and Proposal Writing RS
PSYC*3610 [0.50] Organizational Psychology OR
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