XII. General Information

Policy on Intellectual Property

Section 4: Additional Items

  1. The Principal Investigator has the duty to inform any collaborators or co-investigators, including all Personnel involved in the research, of the terms of any Contract governing the research, including terms related to ownership or Commercialization of Intellectual Property.

  2. The name "University of Guelph" and abbreviations thereof, and the logos of the University of Guelph and their component parts, are trademarks and service marks of the University and are owned by the University. Personnel will take all reasonable and practicable steps to ensure that the name of the University and such other trade-marks and service marks are not used in connection with Intellectual Property without the prior written agreement of the University. No statement made by a Personnel with respect to Intellectual Property may, in any way, imply approval, promotion or use of such Intellectual Property by the University without the prior written agreement of the University. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing shall prevent Personnel from stating his/her employment, rank and title in connection with Intellectual Property.

  3. This Policy is effective as of its implementation, and all Contracts between a Personnel and the University made prior to this date will be governed under the terms of those Contracts and the applicable policies in place at the time of the Contract.

  4. Subject to Section 5, the Vice-President (Research) is responsible for making such determinations as are necessary under this Policy.

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