VII. Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures


New and In-Course Students

All new and in-course students must complete the registration process by the deadline date set for each semester. Registration includes the selection of courses and the payment of fees. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that fees are paid or satisfactory arrangements are made with Student Financial Services for the payment of fees prior to the registration deadline. Students will have access to their account balance (Registration Billing) through the on-line (WebAdvisor) registration system on the University homepage using a secure (password protected) system. Payment methods including telephone and internet banking as well as credit card will be available to all students. Students registering after the deadline date will be assessed an additional late registration fee.

Students who are readmitted will be advised of registration procedures. Questions should be directed to the student's Academic Advisor.

Note: In-course students who complete the registration procedures are advised that such registration is conditional on their eligibility for continuation of study in the upcoming semester. A student who is required to withdraw may not attend classes. The student’s registration will be cancelled and the appropriate adjustment will be automatically applied to the student’s account.

The University reserves the right to disallow registration until all deferred privileges are complete and the student’s final standing is calculated.

General System In-course Students (Fees)

The registration procedure is conducted through WebAdvisor. The registration procedure will allow all in course students to complete their financial arrangements with Student Financial Services before the upcoming semester. The billing form will reflect the course selection data, also your accommodation and meal plan status if available, and is to be returned with suitable arrangement to Student Financial Services. The deadline for payment is indicated in Tuition and Fees, of this calendar. Failure to meet the deadlines will result in an additional fee adjustment. Mailings by the University will be made to the University e-mail account, and/or the mailing/home address per the University's student address policy.

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