IX. Degree Programs

Bachelor of Business Administration - Diploma in Business Administration

The Business Administration program is of an interdisciplinary nature drawing, on appropriate courses in the humanities and social sciences. The program is designed to give students a broad exposure to the basic business disciplines (e.g. economics, accounting, finance, marketing etc) and a sound professional management education while allowing students to focus on specific industry sectors by selecting an “area of emphasis” in the upper two years of study. The early semesters are devoted to instruction in the basic disciplines while the later semesters are devoted to more professional studies.

Students are required to complete 13.00 core business credits, 5.00 restricted elective credits and 2.00 general elective credits in order to be eligible for graduation. Students must complete these requirements in order to be eligible to graduate with both the university honours degree (awarded by the University of Guelph) and the college diploma (awarded by Humber). No option exists to graduate with only one of the above listed credentials as the program is fully integrated.

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