XII. General Information

Policy on Non-Academic Misconduct

Purpose and Jurisdiction

  1. The University of Guelph is an environment that develops the person, scholar & citizen. This Policy sets out the University's expectations regarding student conduct as members of the University of Guelph community.

  2. In this Policy, a "student" is any person registered in a diploma, undergraduate or graduate program at the University of Guelph or otherwise taking credit or non-credit courses offered by the University of Guelph, or any person who was a student at the time the alleged breach occurred. "Campus" means the physical grounds of either the University's main campus or the regional campuses. This Policy does not apply to students registered at University of Guelph-Humber programs and attending Humber College.

  3. Except as noted in paragraph 4 and 5, this Policy applies to all student non-academic behaviour on campus and to students who are engaged in University programs off campus. Allegations regarding other off campus conduct may be brought forward under this Policy if the violation in question materially affects the safety, integrity or educational interests of the University community or as provided under the Community Standards Protocol.

  4. Alleged breaches of this Policy which arise within University residences may in the discretion of Student Housing Services, proceed under the Residence Community Living Standards.

  5. Alleged breaches of this Policy which arise at the regional campuses will be subject to the process and procedures specific to the regional campuses.

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