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1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar


X--Degree Programs

Applied Climatology

Department of Geography, College of Social Science; Department of Land Resource Science, Ontario Agricultural College.


A minor in Applied Climatology requires 10 courses, to include 6 from List A and the remaining 4 from Lists A and/or B.

List A

45-130 Introduction to the Biophysical Environment
45-211 Climate and the Biophysical Environment
45-361 Geographical Hydrology
45-411 Environmental Systems Analysis
64-202 Agrometeorology
64-203 Meteorology and Climatology
64-305 Microclimatology
64-421 Physical Meteorology
64-422 Dynamic and Synoptic Meteorology

List B

05-336 Waste Management and Utilization
05-365 Hydrology
05-433 Air Pollution Control
19-336 Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology
45-200 Geomorphology
45-311 Biotic and Natural Resources
76-255 Radiation and the Environment
83-453 Environmental Pollution Stresses on Plants
87-308 Soil and Water Conservation and Reclamation

1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar
X--Degree Programs
Bachelor of Science - B.Sc.
Honours Programs

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