University of Guelph 1997-98 Undergraduate Calendar

X--Degree Programs


Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the Department of Computing and Information Science, College of Physical and Engineering Science.


Semester 3

27-160 Foundations of Programming
63-208 Elements of Calculus II
63-215 Applied Matrix Algebra
63-216 Linear Algebra I *
89-204 Statistics I
89-210 Introductory Probability and Statistics
One elective or restricted elective.

*Preferred for mathematics emphasis.

Semester 4

02-270 Survey of Natural Resource Economics *
63-213 Numerical Methods
63-217 Differential Equations I
89-205 Statistics II
96-201 Decision-making and Communication Skills

Semester 5

15-201 Ecology
Four electives or restricted electives.

Semester 6

74-207 Philosophy of the Environment
89-351 Environmental Risk Assessment
Two electives or restricted electives.

Semester 7

One of:
45-321 Management of the Biophysical Environment
78-337 Environmental Policy Formation and Administration
92-405 Natural Resources Policy
Four electives or restricted electives.

Semester 8

96-401 Colloquium/Project in Environmental Science
Four electives or restricted electives.

Restricted Electives

Students in the Environmetrics major are required to choose 7 restricted electives from 1 of the following lists:

List A - Mathematics
63-220 Advanced Calculus I
63-221 Advanced Calculus II
63-310 Differential Equations II
63-317 Partial Differential Equations and Special Functions
63-324 Operations Research
63-407 Case Studies in Modelling
63-451 Environmental Transport and Dynamics
63-443 Advanced Numerical Methods
List B - Statistics
89-310 Introductory Mathematical Statistics I
89-311 Introductory Mathematical Statistics II
89-324 Applied Regression Analysis
89-332 Sampling Theory with Applications
89-434 Statistical Inference
89-436 Applied Time Series Analysis
89-435 Applied Multivariate Statistical Methods
89-451 Advanced Risk Analysis
List C - Computing
27-170 Introduction to Computing and Information Science
27-190 Discrete Structures in Computer Science
27-240 Introduction to Information Processing
27-242 Data Structures
27-346 System Simulation
27-349 The Analysis and Design of Computer Algorithms
27-360 Programming Languages

1998-99 Undergraduate Calendar
X--Degree Programs
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences - B.Sc.(Env.)

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