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XII--Course Descriptions

German Studies

Department of Languages and Literatures

NOTES: The department reserves the right to determine the appropriate level to be taken by students enrolling in language courses.

With exception of 47-240 and 47-259 courses at the 1st and 2nd year levels are taught in English: however, literary texts are, at all levels, studied in the original language, except for 47-224 , 47-311 and 47-410 where texts will be studied in English translation. Courses 47-360 and 47-460 are only offered on demand for students who need them in order to graduate.

47-110 Introductory German F,W(4-0)

A beginning course in German designed to achieve relative fluency in grammatical structure and idiom. Four lectures and individual work in the language study laboratory. This course may not normally be taken by anyone who has credit for Year 4 (Grade 12) or OAC German.

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47-111 Intermediate German F,W(4-0)

A continuation of the study of grammar begun in 47-110. Emphasis on the application of basic grammatical structure in oral work and the comprehension of elementary reading texts. This course may not normally be taken by anyone who has OAC German.

Prerequisites: 47-110 or equivalent.
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47-224 German Civilization W(3-0)

A survey of German history, society and culture illustrated by slides, records, films and selected literary texts.

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47-240 Contemporary Germany W(2-2)

A contemporary portrait through literature, films, slides, newspapers and magazines. Emphasis on oral work in German.

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47-249 German Language F(2-1)

Conversation and reading, composition and grammar. This course is designed to develop the student's ability to read, write and speak German.

Prerequisites: OAC German or 47-111 or equivalent.
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47-250 German Language and Composition I W(3-1)

Composition, grammar and stylistics; conversation and oral practice in the language laboratory. This course is a continuation of 47-249.

Prerequisites: 47-249.
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47-256 Reading German Literature: An Introduction W(3-0)

This course is designed to develop students' facility in reading German literary texts. It is to be taken before literature courses at the 300 and 400 level. Texts by Aichinger, Bo11, Borchert, Durrenmatt, Schnitzler, Christa Wolf among others.

Prerequisites: 47-249 or permission of the instructor.
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47-259 Literary Interpretation F(3-0)

An introductory course to provide the student with basic skills for interpreting German literary texts and for writing short critiques.

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47-310 Prose and Poetry of the 19th Century F(3-0)

Representative works of Kleist, E.T.A. Hoffmann, Eichendorff, Heine, Morike, Keller, Schnitzler and Fontane. (Offered in even-numbered years.)

Course Profile

47-311 Drama of the 19th Century in English W(3-0)

Selected works of Nestroy, Wilde, Buchner, Hauptmann, Hebbel, Ibsen, Schnitzler, Hofmannsthal, Strindberg, Wedekind. (Offered in odd-numbered years.)

Course Profile

47-322 Twentieth-Century Prose and Poetry F(3-0)

Short stories and poetry of George, Hofmannsthal, Mann, Kafka, Brecht. A survey of the Expressionist movement and of "Neue Sachlichkeit". (Offered in odd-numbered years.)

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47-323 Drama of the 20th Century W(3-0)

Selected works by Wedekind, Kaiser, Toller, Brecht, Durrenmatt, Frisch. (Offered in even-numbered years.)

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47-331 German Literature of the 18th Century F(3-0)

The development of German literature from the Enlightenment to Storm and Stress, with special emphasis on the works of Lessing and the earlier works of Goethe and Schiller. (Offered in odd-numbered years.)

Course Profile

47-350 German Language and Composition II F(3-0)

A study of advanced German grammar as well as aspects of structure and style of the German language. Oral presentations and discussions with a special emphasis on essay writing. Translation into idiomatic German and English.

Prerequisites: 47-250.
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47-353 Administrative and Commercial German. W(3-0)

A detailed study of the German language as it is currently used in administration and business. It will cover areas such as administration, correspondence, reports, employment, business communication and advertising.

Prerequisites: 47-250 or equivalent.
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47-360 Directed Readings in German Studies (3-0)

A reading course in German literature designed according to the program and interest of the individual student.

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47-400 The Novel of the 19th Century F(3-0)

A study of selected 19th-century novelists (e.g., Goethe, Novalis, Morike, Meyer, Keller.) (Offered in even-numbered years.)

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47-410 The Novel of the 20th Century in English W(3-0)

A study of the German Novel up to the present. Special emphasis on Mann, Hesse, Kafka, Boll, Frisch, Grass and Wolf. (Offered in odd-numbered years.)

Course Profile

47-432 German Classicism W(3-0)

A study of works by Goethe and Schiller with special emphasis on Faust and Maria Stuart. (Offered in even-numbered years.)

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47-450 German Language and Composition IV W(3-0)

A survey of the development of literary styles from the Baroque period to the 20th century, literary translations. (Offered in even-numbered years.)

Prerequisites: 47-352.
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47-460 Honours Seminar in German Studies (3-0)

Seminar on literary genres, movements and themes.

Prerequisites: two 300 level course credits in German literature.
Course Profile

47-494 Research Paper in German Studies. (3-0)

A reading course on some approved topic in German language or literature, leading to an end-of-term research paper.

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XII--Course Descriptions

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