University of Guelph 1997-98 Undergraduate Calendar

XII--Course Descriptions

Interdisciplinary Social Science Courses

College of Social Science

85-200 Asia (3-0)

This course will survey China and/or India, noting the major historical trends, cultural factors, economic systems, and political institutions and political processes. Department of Political Studies.

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85-201 Introduction to International Development W(3-0)

An introduction to the study of international development viewed from the perspectives of the social sciences. Special emphasis will be placed on the historical patterns of international development, the principal paradigms and the implications of these for public policy.

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85-220 Introduction to Women's Studies F(3-0)

Some of the philosophies, theories, history and artistic representations of women will be introduced and discussed. This perspective from the Humanities will be complemented by the Social Science perspective which considers women and their historical and contemporary relations with society, with the state, with their families, with others (men and women), and with themselves.

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85-250 Management in Organizations W(3-0)

A first course in management designed to consider the management of any organization whether profit-motivated or non-profit, private or public, from the perspective of the social sciences. Department of Economics and/or Department of Sociology and Anthropology.

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85-260 Technology, Arms Race and Conflict in the 20th-Century F(3-0)

This course will examine the influence technology has had on the development and production of armaments from the pre-World War One Dreadnought through the Cold War Years to the present Cruise Missile Age. Department of History and Department of Political Studies.

Prerequisites: 49-115, 49-204.
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85-299 Introduction to Marx W(3-0)

An interdisciplinary course designed to acquaint students with the thought of Karl Marx. Departments of Political Studies, History and Philosophy.

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85-310 London Studies in the Social Sciences W(2-3)

An integrated course of studies in the social sciences as they relate to the resources of London. For London Semester students only.

Prerequisites: admission to the London Semester.
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85-315 Paris Studies in the Social Sciences W(2-0)

An integrated course of studies in the social sciences as they relate to the resources of Paris. For Paris Semester students only. Not offered in 1997-98.

Prerequisites: admission to the Paris Semester.
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85-320 Individual Work/Study in International Development S,F,W

This course is intended for students in the International Development Program who seek to combine work and study in development with their academic course work. This credit may apply to internships with international development agencies in Canada or abroad, to research and/or experience in a developing country, or to other practica or programs.

Prerequisites: at least one social science course (preferably 38-200 or 12-115), written approval of the CIDS undergraduate advisor and successful completion of 20 course credits.
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85-325 Krakow Studies in the Social Sciences I F(3-2)

An integrated course of studies in the social sciences as they relate to the resources in Krakow, Poland. For Krakow students only.

Prerequisites: admission to the Krakow Semester.
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85-326 Krakow Studies in the Social Sciences II F(3-2)

An integrated course of studies in the social sciences as they relate to the resources in Krakow, Poland. For Krakow students only.

Prerequisites: admission to Krakow Semester.
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85-330 Latin American Studies in the Social Sciences W(1-2)

An integrated course of studies in the social sciences as they relate to the resources of Latin America.

Prerequisites: admission to the Latin America semester, consent of the instructor and satisfactory participation in a bi-weekly preparation seminar during the fall semester.
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85-400 Research Project in Environmental Studies S,F,W(3-0)

This course is required of all senior students in the Environmental Studies Minor. It provides an opportunity to formulate and investigate an issue of current environmental concern from an integrative human and biophysical perspective. Students must consult with the Environmental Studies advisor before course selection. Department of Geography.

Prerequisites: registration in the Environmental Studies minor and 8 course credits in the minor.
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85-401 Seminar in Women's Studies W(3-0)

The framework of the course will be provided by a series of unresolved issues or challenging questions regarding women which will call upon the students' critical, evaluative, and integrative abilities.The content will largely depend upon the students' backgrounds within the program and their other major areas of study.

Prerequisites: 85-220 and at least 2 other course credits in the Women's Studies core.
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85-405 Gender and Knowledge F(3-0)

The course will focus on the approaches used by feminist scholars in doing research in the broadly defined area of Women's Studies. It will also examine critiques of the traditional ways of constructing knowledge in a variety of mainstream academic disciplines, the modifications of these approaches to ensure that gender is taken into account, as well as the development of new ways of constructing knowledge.

Prerequisites: 85-220, 2 of 37-288, 49-293, 80-330, 86-340.
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85-450 International Development Seminar W(3-0)

Intended as a forum for students in International Development programs, regardless of individual area(s) of specialization, the course will incorporate theories and issues of development and will feature guest speakers, colloquia and student-led seminars. This "capping" course will provide an interdisciplinary forum to link, and bring about interchange on the several facets of international development studies.

Prerequisites: 36-265, 45-257, 78-208, 85-201, 12-115, (49-101 or 49-115 or 49-151).
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1998-99 Undergraduate Calendar
XII--Course Descriptions

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