University of Guelph 1997-98 Undergraduate Calendar

XIV--General Information

Centres and Institutes

Centre For International Programs

The Centre for International Programs, the first of its kind in Canada, facilitates, stimulates and supports a continuously growing range of University involvement in international activities by developing and maintaining contacts with university partners around the world, by supporting study abroad and exchange programs, and by liaising with government agencies, private sector companies and non-governmental organizations, by promoting development cooperation partnerships with developing countries, and by providing information on international opportunities and resources to students and faculty. The Centre contributes to university policy on internationalization and serves as a focal point for links with other universities, government agencies, and private sector firms wishing to cooperate with the university in international activities.

Computing and Communications Services

Computing and Communications Services (CCS) is dedicated to providing high quality services and support in information and communications technology to students, staff and faculty at the University of Guelph. We are involved in a wide range of information technology-related activities, nearly all of which are provided free of charge to the university community. Computing and Communications Services is located in several areas across campus, including the Animal Science and Nutrition building, the Library, Johnston Hall, the University Centre and the CCS building, off Trent Lane.

CCS offers walk-in consulting at the Help Desk in the CCS building and in the microcomputer lab on the first floor of the Library. A phone support line (ext. 8888) is an important part of our front line support strategy. Full-time staff answer hundreds of calls a week on computer and communications topics and can refer complex problems to specific support groups across the entire CCS organization. Staff have expertise in areas such as Local Area Networking, UNIX, numerically intensive computing and workstation support. A partial list of our consulting support includes microcomputer and central services, networking applications, database management, graphics, scientific computing and statistical computing.

To maintain close ties with the information technology (IT) needs of the academic community, CCS has assigned senior staff as information technology coordinators in several colleges on campus. The IT coordinators work with faculty, staff and students to find ways to meet their information technology needs, to facilitate college IT planning and to support new IT initiatives in the colleges.

CCS also offers a broad range of free information technology (IT) seminars that provide training at both the entry and advanced levels.

Computing and Communications Services operates two public microcomputer labs, one in CCS and the other on the first floor of the Library. Both facilities are connected to the High Speed Network (HSN). Conveniently distributed laser printing is provided to the campus community through print stations in several different locations across campus.

The CCS University Systems group provides project-oriented staff to develop complex computing applications on campus. These include computer applications in support of the colleges, administrative units and the Library. In certain instances, individual staff members may be assigned to a particular college or department for the duration of the project.

Computing and Communications Services also provides a full range of telecommunications services to both the business and the student population of the university. These services include the design, installation and operation of various facilities, together with consultation and training. CCS also administers other on-campus facilities such as: pay phones, fax line installation, private business lines, alarm circuits, paging systems, pocket pager access and cellular phone service.

CCS manages a central computing UNIX facility. This provides many of the Computing and Communication applications, such as E-Mail, WWW, etc.

CCS also operates a Numerically Intensive Computing (NIC) facility and is active in the support and management of workstations and the NIC facilities. We collaborate with several departments that use workstations and actively assist researchers in their computing endeavours.

CCS is also actively involved in the management of Local Area Networks (LANs) on campus, with Novell being the primary network software product. Many of these LANs are connected to the campus High Speed Network, which is operated and managed by CCS. This network connects campus networks with networks throughout the world, providing high-speed data transmission and electronic communications.

CCS works in close collaboration with other major information technology service providers on campus, in particular Teaching Support Services and the Library.

Further information regarding CCS and our services can be located in the University of Guelph WWW site ( Call the CCS Help Desk or extension 8888 for assistance.

CCS is primarily a provider of services to the campus community; we look forward to being of assistance to you.

1998-99 Undergraduate Calendar
XIV--General Information

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