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XIV--General Information

Student Life


The University of Guelph offers students an excellent opportunity to combine academic pursuits with an athletics program of their choice. A quality athletics program is available to complement any student's leisure hours.

For skilled and competitive student athletes dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, men's and women's intercollegiate programs are offered. The male Gryphons compete in 13 team and individual sports within the Ontario Universities Athletics Association. The schedules qualify athletes for Canadian Inter University Athletic Union Championships in nine sports. The female Gryphons compete in 13 team and individual sports within the Ontario Women's Intercollegiate Athletics Association leading to Canadian Inter University Athletics Union Championships in 7 sports. Prospective Intercollegiate athletes are urged to telephone the Department of Athletics, University of Guelph, Extension 6134.

Beyond the many opportunities for Guelph students to compete in a wide range of intercollegiate sports at a highly proficient level, the Department of Athletics offers a multitude of on campus recreational opportunities to all members of the University community. These on campus programs cover four general areas: competitive intramurals, instruction, sports clubs, and free time recreation. They are geared to all levels of skill and interest.

The competitive intramural programs encourage groups of students: men; women and co-ed to "get together" in an enjoyable competitive setting at their own skill level. Popular men's leagues are softball, soccer, touch football, hockey, basketball and volleyball. Co-ed leagues which have shown the greatest expansion in recent years include: slow pitch, softball, volleyball, basketball, broomball and inner tube water polo. Current women's programs offer touch football, basketball, volleyball and ice hockey. Several one day tournament activities are also offered.

Close to thirty different activities are offered in the instructional framework. Most of these programs are introductory in nature, providing participants with a foundation to continue these activities in future years. Dance programs, fitness, and racquet sports are very popular areas of the instructional program.

Some of the sports clubs fostered and encouraged by the Athletics Department are: cycling, archery, skating, baseball, and climbing.

Outdoor facilities include tennis courts, ball diamonds and six playing fields, four of them lighted.

A great number of opportunities are available for individuals to schedule their personal recreational interests. Swimming, skating, squash, tennis and gymnasium activities are popular daily while many take advantage of available fitness, jogging and weight training programs.

All on campus programs are scheduled and begin early each semester. Students should consult the "RecreAction" brochure or the Department of Athletics at the beginning of the semester for further information.

The University recently opened a new twin pad arena, a new gymnasium and five new international squash courts as well as new, improved weight and training rooms. A new 25 M, 8 lane Swimming Pool with adjacent Whirlpool and Sun Deck was opened in August 1993.

The Counselling and Student Resource Centre

The Counselling and Student Resource Centre offers support to students in their learning and personal development.

Because learning takes place both inside and outside of the classroom, we encourage students to take part in the following programs and services we offer.

Office of the Associate Vice-President, Student Affairs

The Associate Vice President, Student Affairs is concerned with the quality of student life at the University of Guelph. This includes addressing the needs of individual students through specific student services programs and working as partners with faculty and others to ensure that the total University environment is conducive to intellectual and personal growth.

The Office of Student Affairs is located in the University Centre, Level 4. As the senior administrative officer for the Student Affairs Division, the Associate V.P. (Student Affairs) is responsible for overall management of the Departments of Athletics, the Counselling and Student Resource Centre, Student Health Services, Student Housing Services, and the Child Care and Learning Centre.

Student Affairs' Units provide learning opportunities and support services to help students achieve their goals, in the context of the University's learning objectives, and be effective contributors in society and the global community. Student Affairs staff are committed to helping students by promoting a sense of personal responsibility and self-reliance, in addition to assisting in specific problem-solving activities.

Student Government

The more than 12,000 full-time and part- time undergraduate students at the University of Guelph are represented by the Central Student Association -- the official student association which is elected by all undergraduate students every year. The C.S.A. receives its direction from a 32- member Board of Directors which is comprised of:

The day-to-day operations of the Central Student Association are coordinated by the six executive and five staff members. When you pay your student fee ($14.00 which is collected when you pay your tuition, and which also happens to be the lowest in Canada), you become a voting member of your student association. The C.S.A. has a three fold purpose:


Entertainment and Activities: movies, speakers, concerts ... student academic appeals, orientation, faxing, photocopying, and over 70 clubs to join. The C.S.A. provides opportunities for you to expand beyond the world of formal academics by providing services that make student life at this University less cumbersome and a lot more fun!


The Central Student Association represents all University of Guelph undergraduate students to the provincial and federal governments, the University Administration, the Board of Governors, the Senate, City Council, the Guelph Transit Commission, and various standing committees, task forces, and commissions, as they arise. This is done to ensure that all of the rights of students are maintained in all decision-making bodies.


The Central Student Association, in conjunction with the Canadian Federation of Students, and the Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario, work to ensure that the rights of students are heard at all levels. Everyone knows that there is strength in numbers. That's why the CSA is the voice for all undergraduate students at the University of Guelph. The CSA works to provide change when the rights of students are being infringed upon.

Canadian Federation of Students

The C.F.S. is the national voice of students, representing more than 400,000 students across the country. The C.F.S. lobbies the provincial government for changes which are aimed at making post-secondary education more accessible to all students. They provide research documents, campaigns, and services for all members across the country.

Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario

The C.F.S.-O. is the provincial voice of students, representing more than 200,000 students across the province. The C.F.S.-O. lobbies the provincial government for changes which are aimed at making post-secondary education more accessible to all students. They provide research documents, campaigns, and services for all members across the province.

Other important groups on campus include Interhall, the Guelph Campus Co-operative, and the Ontario Public Interest Research Group. All of the above organizations combine to make Guelph one of the most active campuses in the country. We hope that you continue in that tradition, and come on up to the C.S.A. office (University Centre 274) or give us a call at extension 6748. Remember that your education does not end at five o'clock. So make a difference in your university experience by getting involved with your student associations.

Student Health Services

A medical clinic established in Macdonald Hall to respond to the health care needs of the University of Guelph students.

Student Health Services provide acute intervention, and on going medical care for any health related problem. Student Health Services is also involved in health education and preventive medicine through the activities of the Wellness Centre, health education and numerous peer helpers and volunteers. Student Health Services works in co-operation with the patient's family physician and with consulting physicians within the area.

Health care is provided to students and their immediate family (including spouse and children). It is compulsory to have OHIP or to participate in a provincial health care program or be covered by other health insurance (such as UHIP). In addition, Student Health Insurance with Mutual Life is provided within the student fee structure to defray costs for prescription drugs and other medical/dental benefits.

Student Health services is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday and Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. General enquiries and appointments please call ext. 2131. A doctor is on call for emergencies at all times when the clinic is closed and can be contacted by calling 823-9150.

Student Housing Services

Living on Campus

Student Housing Service wants you to feel that residence is your home; a place where you can study, develop lasting friendships, become involved in University activities, or just relax. Each building has a staff of Residence Managers and Residence Assistants. They are there to meet you in September, introduce you to others in the building, and act as resource people throughout the year.

Residence living is convenient. A full range of services is provided to residence students. Each room comes completely furnished and includes a telephone and voicemail. Located near each room are lounges, study rooms, and kitchenettes. The residences are equipped with laundry facilities, game rooms, and music rooms. As well, there is a computer room located in each area. For your meals, you have a choice of cafeterias, a pizzeria, and two snack bars. Classrooms, the library, athletic facilities, administration offices, and buildings where social activities are held are just a short walk away across a beautiful campus.

A variety of living accommodations are available: separate male and female residences, quiet areas, co educational residence halls including one primarily for entering students, and another of self contained suites. Buildings range in size from those for 50 people, to a unique residence complex which houses almost 1,800 students in small living units.

The University of Guelph has several unique living learning centres: residences with a special theme. La Maison Francaise is for students interested in the French language and culture. Arts House is for those interested in artistic pursuits and cultural events. At International House, Canadian and international students share a common interest in international issues and cultural exchanges. Eco House is dedicated to learning about environmental issues such as recycling, composting, resource conservation and using knowledge to promote change.

Most new single students entering semester one or two in the Fall semester are assured of residence accommodation if they submit their residence application and deposit by June 25, 1997 (date subject to change). Although students applying for the winter semester receive priority for accommodation, space is almost always available. Applicants should submit their residence applications without delay after being admitted to the University.

All students applying for the Spring semester are assured of accommodation if their residence applications are received by the start of the semester.

The above dates and conditions are subject to change; complete residence application information will be included in the acceptance package from the University.

Family Housing

Accommodations for students with families are available in 340 apartment and townhouse units located on two sites near the west end of the campus. With reasonable rents and a strong sense of community, these facilities are in very high demand. If you are considering applying for Family Housing, please contact the Family Housing Office (ext. 2551) without delay.

Off Campus Housing

Not all of our new students live in residence; some prefer the increased privacy and autonomy of living in the neighbouring community. Student Housing Services operates the Off Campus Housing Office, which maintains listings of various types of accommodation in the Guelph area. The office can help you with where and when to look for housing, can advise or make referrals on landlord tenant issues, and has information that can make your housing search, and getting settled in, easier.

Further Information

For further information on individual residences and application procedures, please refer to the University of Guelph Admissions Handbook or contact Student Housing Services, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1. Telephone: (519)824-4120, extension 8701. Fax: (519) 767-1670. E-mail: ResAdmit@UoGuelph.CA. Web site:

1998-99 Undergraduate Calendar
XIV--General Information

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