University of Guelph 1997-98 Undergraduate Calendar

X--Degree Programs

Landscape Architecture


Semester 1

17-115 Introduction to Plant Biology
37-120 Reading the Contemporary World
59-110 Design and Communications Studio
59-194 History of Cultural Form
One of:
12-115 Anthropology
74-101 Social and Political Issues
80-110 Principles of Behaviour
86-110 Sociology

Semester 2

59-202 Design Studio
59-242 Materials and Techniques
74-207 Philosophy of the Environment
One Studio Arts elective (200 level Studio).
One Social Science elective.

Semester 3

53-326 Woody Plants
59-210 Landscape Analysis
59-241 Site Engineering
59-304 Site Planning and Design Studio
One elective.

Semester 4

59-233 Planting Design I
59-282 Urban and Regional Planning
59-305 Landscape Architecture I
59-343 Landscape Construction I
One elective.

Semester 5

59-234 Planting Design II
59-306 Landscape Architecture II
59-344 Landscape Construction II
59-461 Professional Practice
96-332 Principles of Landscape Ecology *
* Offered in even-numbered years; to alternate with elective in semester 7.

Semester 6

Students will choose one of:
Four electives.
59-462 Internship in Landscape Architecture
Two electives.
Exchange Semester
Two electives.

Semester 7

59-307 Landscape Architecture III
59-4101 Design Thesis
Two electives.

Semester 8

59-409 Seminar
59-4102 Design Thesis
One elective.

1998-99 Undergraduate Calendar
X--Degree Programs
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture-- B.L.A.

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