University of Guelph 1998-1999 Undergraduate Calendar

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05-336 Waste Management and Utilization F(3-2) [0.50]

Analysis of fundamental physical, chemical, and biological processes applied to waste management. Sources, characteristics, fate, impact, and control of liquid, gaseous, and solid wastes. Cross-media issues in waste management. Introduction to unit operations and processes for wastewater and waste gas treatment. Bio-remediation of waste streams, including by-product utilization. Applications to municipal, industrial, and agricultural wastes. Also listed as 96-336.

Prerequisites: (05-256 or 05-266), 65-100; Biological Engineering students, 05-266, 65-100; Environmental Engineering students, 05-256, 65-100.
Exclusions: 96-336
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1998-99 Undergraduate Calendar
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