University of Guelph 1998-99 Undergraduate Calendar

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80-3371/2 Research Methods F(1-4)/W(1-4) (H) [1.00]

This is a course in design, implementation and data analysis techniques in psychological research, the interpretation of data, the evaluation of research plans and the writing of research reports. Students design and carry out small research projects. This is a course for honours psychology students, particularly those who intend to do graduate studies in psychology. This is a two-semester course. When you select it you will be assigned to 80-3371 in the Fall semester and 80-3372 in the Winter semester. A grade will not be assigned in 80-3371 until 80-3372 has been completed.

Prerequisites: (80-110 or 80-120), (80-201 or 89-204), (80-332 or 89-205), 80-236 .
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1998-99 Undergraduate Calendar
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