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87-411 Land Resources Field Camp F(0-6) [0.50]

A course directed toward investigating methods of collecting and processing land resource field data. Practice in mapping information from air photographs and ground surveys, construction of inventory maps, and integration of information. The course will consist of a one week field camp prior to the fall semester, following which the students, working in groups, will prepare and present a comprehensive report in consultation with faculty. Students will be responsible for their living and transportation expenses for the field session, in addition to regular tuition fees. The course may be offered with different emphasis in content depending on student demand. Students are required to notify the designated departmental instructor of their intention to participate in Field Camp during the previous Winter semester (or earlier if going on exchange programs).

Prerequisites: (1 of 01-1101/2, 01-2301/2, 17-115, 45-130, 46-100, 87-201), 96-201.
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1998-99 Undergraduate Calendar
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