University of Guelph 1998-99 Undergraduate Calendar

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89-210 Introductory Probability and Statistics F(3-2) [0.50]

Basic probability; Discrete random variables, examples (e.g. Bernoulli, binomial, geometric), expected values, variances; Markov chains and their properties; Continuous random variables (e.g Gaussian); Methods of elementary data summarizations, analysis and statistical inference (estimation, testing, regression, correlation, and related distributions). Laboratory work will include basic experimentation with sampling and with statistical computer packages.

Prerequisites: 63-101 or 63-121 or 66-121.
Corequisites: (63-215 or 63-216), (63-208 or 63-220).
Exclusions: 89-204, 89-206, 89-208, 89-212.
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1998-99 Undergraduate Calendar
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