University of Guelph 1998-99 Undergraduate Calendar

X--Degree Programs

Environmental Studies

Interdisciplinary Program.

Coordinator: Reid Kreutzwiser, Ext 2174, Department of Geography.

Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary subject stressing the integration of biophysical and human behavioral dimensions of environmental issues. The requirement of [5.00] credits for the minor is broken into 2 groups of courses, required courses and restricted electives. Students should ensure that they obtain standing in the necessary prerequisites for required and restricted elective courses. There are limitations on courses used for credit in other areas of study which may be used for credit in the Environmental Studies minor. Students should seek counselling from the Department of Geography early in their program.

Honours Program Minor

A minimum of [5.00] credits is required, including:
15-103 [0.50] Biology I
15-201 [0.50] Ecology
85-400 [0.50] Research Project in Environmental Studies
2 of the following social sciences courses:
36-210 [0.50] Economic Growth and Environmental Quality
45-321 [0.50] Management of the Biophysical Environment
78-337 [0.50] Environmental Policy Formation and Administration
The remaining [2.50] credits required for the minor must be selected from the following list. The social science courses listed above not taken as a required course may be taken as a restricted elective. However, students are strongly advised to consult with the program coordinator before chossing electives.
02-270 [0.50] Survey of Natural Resource Economics
02-431 [0.50] Resource Economics
05-365 [0.50] Hydrology
15-104 [0.50] Biology II
15-345 [0.50] Introduction to Aquatic Environments
17-205 [0.50] Plant Ecology
29-228 [0.50] Crops in Land Reclamation
34-203 [0.50] Forestry
34-300 [0.50] Nature Interpretation
34-303 [0.50] Pesticides and the Environment
34-478 [0.50] Forest Ecology
36-493 [0.50] Environmental Economics
45-122 [0.50] Human Impact on the Environment
45-130 [0.50] Introduction to the Biophysical Environment
45-211 [0.50] Climate and the Biophysical Environment
45-311 [0.50] Biotic and Natural Resources
45-361 [0.50] Geographical Hydrology
45-411 [0.50] Environmental Systems Analysis
59-282 [0.50] Urban and Regional Planning
74-207 [0.50] Philosophy of the Environment
86-228 [0.50] Society and Environment
87-201 [0.50] Soil Science
87-305 [0.50] Land Utilization

1998-99 Undergraduate Calendar
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